Blog Photos  by Merlin Hernandez

I am proposing this treatment outline for a new futuristic feature film in the apocalypse genre set in New York City in 2062. Global warming has caused weather changes, melting polar ice caps, and rising sea levels – US President tries to focus national attention on the issue/Admonishes that we need to seriously address reversing our carbon footprint –Opposition says the President’s job is not to stop the
sea rising (he wants to be President one day/has a large loyal following).

Several small island states have already been submerged by rising sea levels. There is ample evidence of population shifts away from coastal areas threatening other ecological frontiers, and straining state and municipal resources through unplanned population swells in some areas. Local militia groups are mushrooming.

But there is a great conspiracy (must have conspiracy for dramatic effect) not to release some catastrophic information. More than 150 years of removing multiple strata (septillions of cubic feet of oil and gas) from under the land and sea have left fissures thousands of square miles wide. The massive run-off from polar ice have filled up these undersea caverns, some of which run under the land. But still sea levels rise. All it would take would be a Category 1 storm to move walls of water waiting dangerously to rush inland.

Such a storm is building in the Atlantic but is moving westward so fast as to cause alarm – a cold front is moving south from the Arctic and warm air moving north off the Eastern Seaboard is about to create an uberstorm as all three systems fuse cataclysmically off the New England coast.

But it gets worse. An employee of an internationally climate research firm leaks a document that shows that the huge caverns under the land which were not directly linked to the sea have been implicated in the dramatic sinking of land masses throughout the world. The report further shows that the land sitting on the subterranean seas are sinking faster than anticipated, underland currents further eroding rocks and soil. Most of the land is now lower that sea level and comprises a bowl waiting to be filled (any similarities here?) The government is trying to contain the document ostensibly to avoid a national panic. Murder and mayhem to keep the lid on the information.

Rising seas-sinking land- subterranean water masses- dangerous weather pattern! Stuff of entertainment… Any takers? I am available for the screenplay.

But perhaps now that the hungry seas have gone a-hunting for life and property in New York City, climate change will no longer be relegated to the realm of fantasy…Stuff just got real!