by Merlin Hernandez

In the small business sector, I often encounter clients who only have a vague notion of what they want to achieve and very little concept of how they might get there. My first job is to distill their business goals from their personal goals and build a strategic focus from there. The work cannot really begin until the goals are defined. This avoids having a certain stage complete before the client has the grand epiphany and we have to go back to the drawing board possibly having already spent some of the investment capital. The process also fleshes out goals of a secondary and perhaps peripheral nature which may be eliminated or postponed at that early stage. This reduces the incidence of scope creep as the level of client interface presents a project goal that is married to the strategic vision. The client also trusts the process of which he/she feels ownership, and wants to see the project through. Any extraneous addition that might create creep can more readily be seen by the client as a threat to goal achievement.