by Merlin Hernandez

I’m starting this blog and contemplating themes. My friend suggested I should instead consider my meme if I wanted to ‘capture’ a following. Ah, hadn’t thought of that. I like ‘capture’ – speaks to my warrior genealogy. So I began to ponder the evolutionary stable strategy for a meme, as the cultural equivalent of a gene. To tag Dawkins concept, memes spread through the behaviors they generate in their hosts – a genetic predisposition to offer itself as fodder, and by its ingestion, sublimates the essence of the host, altering its behavior even to the point of decimation. Sobering thought.

In our time, the most viable vehicle for meme transmission has been viral proliferation through our convivial media. And in an increasingly mediated world, there will ultimately be little difference between the mediated and the real – the human being remains the most efficient imitator of behaviors. Methinks Skinner reigneth once more and essence is to be trumped by behaviors given iconic status to be imitated because they take on the trappings of normalcy. Triumph of the meme. So call me depraved but the image battering the edges of my awareness is Britney and Lilo spreading ‘em oh-so-not-delicately so the gutter press can get a good shot of their hoo-ha! I hear it’s the now lightly used (as in Goodwill clothing) meme for crank starting the sagging Hollywood career. Am I the host ingesting this meme? OMG, what is to become of me?